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Sewer Line Repair

We, the experts of Atlanta Plumber Service, include sewer line repair, sanitary sewer line cleaning, and sewer line maintenance among our many plumbing services. In addition, we can fortify your sewer line with PVC lining to save you from the hassle of leaks. Contact us for more sewer line information or to avail of our extensive plumbing services.

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Water Line Repair

Water line repair begins with proper detection. It’s important to properly identify where the water line leak is and the amount of damage it has caused. If you are looking for most skilled water lines repair experts, then you are at the right place. The Atlanta Plumber Service team members are the most highly skilled, trained, and trusted ones.

Camera Line Inspections

While no one really likes to see the inside of their home’s sewer line, it is sometimes important for a plumber to completely understand the condition of these pipes. This is now possible thanks to camera line inspection. Roots, collapses, breaks, and bellies can cause significant damage to sewer line drainage and condition. You probably won’t be aware of any existing issues until your home’s drains begin to slow, and eventually back up. After you’ve called us to clear your lines, we will camera your sewer line for no additional fee. This is because we consider this process to be a necessary step in the maintenance of your sewer system. Our sewer camera equipment offers the latest technology in the field, being digital and full-color, offering long range inspection and location possibilities.

Drain Repair

Atlanta Plumbing Service offers a wide variety services including drain repair and others. Our trained technicians will be glad to snake out your sewer line with a rotary cable machine and can do a video inspection of your line to determine the root of your problem. The plumber can also determine the source of an annoying and potentially noxious sewer smell with a sewer line smoke test. For larger jobs, Atlanta Plumbing also offers hydrojet services.

Leak Detection

Before leak repairs can begin, leak detection has to be done first. Unfortunately, not all plumbing leaks are easily found. In fact, many aren’t visible at all. Plumbing leaks often occur inside walls, ceilings, appliances, attics, and often times under floors. In many cases, the only way a leak becomes apparent is when your water bill arrives, only to be two, three, or even ten times its normal amount. Leaks often show up as stains on sheetrock ceilings, wet spots in walls or on carpeting and floors, or in outside cases, mushy spots and water puddles in the yard. Locating these leaks and their sources can be hairy and frustrating work without the right training and latest equipment.

Plumbing Services

When it’s time to remodel your current bathroom, or you simply want an updated look, tub or shower changes like shower head replacement is a great way to modernize your bathroom’s appeal and function. From plain white, one-piece drop in units to contemporary cast-iron claw foots, complex arrangements or complete tile walls, tub and shower redo’s are an easy way to change the look of your bathroom while opening up the door to many custom and value increasing options along the way.

Water Heaters Repair

When it comes to water heater repair and installation, you can rely on us. The fact of the matter is, water heaters are an very important part of any residential plumbing system. They provide hot water for showers, faucets, laundry and other uses, and they are actually required by plumbing code and health regulations. They can be heated by gas or electricity, and can be located in a variety of places in the home. It is common to find hot water heaters in basement, garages, attics, crawlspaces, and closets. Some older homes had them in kitchens, bathrooms, or bedroom.

Pressure Regulator

Every home is required by code to be equipped with a PRV, otherwise known as a pressure regulating valve or pressure reducing valve. This makes water pressure regulator installation a priority for homeowners. Made of brass, the cone-shaped large valve is located on your inbound main line, most of the time inside the home. You may never have seen this valve if you have a crawlspace or a finished basement, but, it’s there (or should be). The function of a PRV is to regulate the water pressure inside your home between 55 and 70 psi.

Water Filtration System

The tap water entering your home from Atlanta or North Fulton is actually very clean. It’s cleaned, treated, and filtered by Atlanta, and is proven safe for drinking, and has been in use for many decades. Why do people ask for water filtration installation? The taste of city tap water, however, leaves a little to be desired. Sometimes the chemicals used to treat and purify tap water can leave behind a taste that many consider to be unpleasant. A water filtration system can eliminate that taste.