Water Filtration Installation: Is It Necessary?

The tap water entering your home from Atlanta or North Fulton is actually very clean. It’s cleaned, treated, and filtered by Atlanta, and is proven safe for drinking, and has been in use for many decades. Why do people ask for water filtration installation? The taste of city tap water, however, leaves a little to be desired. Sometimes the chemicals used to treat and purify tap water can leave behind a taste that many consider to be unpleasant. A water filtration system can eliminate that taste.

It’s not uncommon for tap water to have a synthetic, almost metallic taste. There is sometimes a faint odor associated with tap water, depending on the age of your home and what part of town you live in. This smell is attributed to a combination of chlorine and other chemicals. It’s perfectly safe to drink and use throughout your home, but many homeowners are simply unsatisfied with the quality.

Water filtration installation is a great way to further purify city tap water into an ultra-clear, tasteless, and refreshing end product. Good quality filter systems remove impurities, chemicals, and odors to supply bottled water-like flavor and clarity to your home’s faucets. These systems come in all shapes and sizes, and many are priced very affordably. From simple in-line units using a cartridge-type filter (typically about $150), to large-scale tank-type systems using a process called reverse-osmosis, the possibilities are endless.

The systems are generally installed in an out of the way location, but with easy access to change filter cartridges or perform routine maintenance on the system. Filtration systems should be checked at a minimum of every 6 months, and cartridges or elements should be changed about as often, depending on the condition when checked.

We install all types of filtration systems, from the small units to large-scale assemblies feeding commercial properties. Installations differ for each type of system, and we can recommend the best setup for your home of business. Different filter applications work better in different environments, and we’ll help you pick the right one for your needs.