Water Line Repair in Atlanta, Georgia Area

Water line repair begins with proper detection. It’s important to properly identify where the water line leak is and the amount of damage it has caused. If you are looking for most skilled water lines repair experts, then you are at the right place. The Atlanta Plumber Service team members are the most highly skilled, trained, and trusted ones.

We Know Water Line Repair With Over 80,000 Installations

When it comes time to replace your home’s main water service line, look no further. We have personally performed almost 25,000 waterline installations in the Atlanta and surrounding areas in the past 20 years. We are Atlanta’s premier experts on the subject, and the only number you should call when the time comes. Here is why:

Trenchless Technology

Our waterline technicians know you care about the appearance of your yard and landscaping. That’s why when it comes time to replace your water line, we use (when possible) a trenchless method of installing your water line which includes boring through the ground and placing your new waterline in the new tunnel. Rarely do we actually need to trench your yard, leaving a long, obvious dirt line where we have been. It is sometimes necessary due to certain property limitations and grading, but more often than not, you’ll never even know we were there.


We use only polyethylene piping for our waterline installations. This is due to the materials inherent strength, flexibility, resistance to temperature and pressure, and ease of use. The product is also much less expensive than copper, saving you money. It comes with a 25-year pro-rated warranty, and an additional 1-year warranty from us on parts and labor. We use brass fitting instead of plastic parts like some other companies. We also flush your line before final connection to ensure no dirt or debris has entered the line, causing possible problems in your home.


We offer some of, if not the best rates on water line repair and replacement. We are able to do this because of our technicians’ high level of skill, allowing him quicker completion times. It is also due to the sheer volume of replacement jobs we are contracted for. With an average of 3-7 everyday, waterline replacement is our main service. We have a stellar reputation for outstanding service and support, along with excellent pricing. Check out all of our satisfied customer reviews on www.kudzu.com.

Utilities Marking

We always notify your local utilities authority and have them mark your underground electrical, phone, cable, gas, fiber-optic, or any other county/city-owned lines. Not only does this save both ourselves and the customer headaches of further repairs, it is also the law. We will provide you with ample notice of the city’s progress and also supply you with a locate number if you prefer.


 We have replaced almost 80,000 waterlines and completed hundreds of water line repair jobs in the Atlanta and surrounding areas. At this point, after 20 years of experience, there is little we haven’t seen. Be it residential, commercial, industrial, or even agricultural, or waterline experts can do it all and then some.