At Atlanta Plumber Service we are the ones to call, for we have serviced the Atlanta area for more than 25 years and have more than 25,000 water and sewer line repairs and replacements under our belt!  In addition to that, we have experience in polybutylene, video inspections, plumbing remodeling and drain line repair.  We also employ plumbers that have more than 16 years of experience in this field who focus on quality rather than quantity.  You can be sure to trust Atlanta Plumber Service technicians as they all are licensed and experienced, and undergo extensive drug, criminal and driving record background checks.  Our reviews will speak for themselves!  You can check them out on

Our specialty is waterline services start with proper detection.  It is necessary to determine where the leak is and how much damage it has caused.  When it comes to waterline repairs and replacement we utilize modern technologies, including trenchless technology, that won’t tear apart your yard or driveway because we know how important it is to have an aesthetically pleasing home.

As we are professionals, we also make sure to notify your local utility authorities and have them mark your underground electrical, phone, cable, gas, fiber-optic and any other county/city-owned lines.  This is the law and saves both you and us from unnecessary problems.  We only use plyethylene piping for our waterline installations as this material has strength, flexibility, resistance to temperature and pressure and is also less expensive than copper which will save you more money.  Moreover, to ensure quality we use brass fittings, instead of plastic, and we flush your line to make sure no dirt or debris has entered the line in order to avoid future problems.  This material also comes with a 25 year warranty and a one year warranty for parts and labor from us.

Hidden leaks from old, worn or cracked pipes are one of the most common causes for inflated water bills.  They can be in walls, under floors, in your ceiling or under concrete slabs and can cause not only damage, but can be harmful to your health if mold starts to grow.  This is why we use top-notch, state of the art equipment to locate your leak/s and repair it as soon as possible.  Leaks are often unseen by the human eye and unheard by the human ear, so it imperative that you allow us to find these leaks and repair them.  We have been finding leaks for over 31 years!

Emergency Services

The first thing you need to do is to locate the shut off valve for whichever appliance or fixture is broken, if you cannot locate the main shut off valve.  Then, call us!  We have technicians standing by just for emergencies to ensure you receive the quickest response possible.

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