Camera Line Inspections

Atlanta Plumber Service offers a full range of high quality sewer and septic tank installation and repair services. Our skilled specialist will accurately locate your septic or sewer line problem by using innovative TV technology to determine the condition, depth and exact location of the pipe.

While no one really likes to see the inside of their home’s sewer line, it is sometimes important for a plumber to completely understand the condition of these pipes. Roots, collapses, breaks, and bellies can cause significant damage to sewer line drainage and condition. You probably won’t be aware of any existing issues until your home’s drains begin to slow, and eventually back up. After you’ve called us to clear your lines, we will camera your sewer line for no additional fee. This is because we consider this process to be a necessary step in the maintenance of your sewer system. Our sewer camera equipment offers the latest technology in the field, being digital and full-color, offering long range inspection and location possibilities.

Once the line is clear and we have inserted the camera, we can observe your sewer lie in its entirety, finding any problems which may have contributed to your stoppage.

Older homes had cast iron or clay sewer lines, and this piping was subject to root penetration and collapse. Once we have located the source of the problem, we can prescribe the best remedy for the situation, being either repair or replacement. The use of a sewer line plumbing camera also reduces costs all around. You, the customer, pay less because we can dig and expose only the damaged section of plumbing piping without having to search your entire yard. This saves not only on our costs, but on landscaping repairs as well.

Overall, sewer line camera inspection is a necessary part of any sewer repair plumbing job. It saves time, money, and frustration from both parties, and offers further insight to your sewer problems.