Drain Repair

Fast and Efficient Drain Repair

Atlanta Plumbing Service offers a wide variety services including drain repair and others. Our trained technicians will be glad to snake out your sewer line with a rotary cable machine and can do a video inspection of your line to determine the root of your problem. The plumber can also determine the source of an annoying and potentially noxious sewer smell with a sewer line smoke test. For larger jobs, Atlanta Plumbing also offers hydrojet services.

Make sure to hire the top drain repair team in Atlanta because there are numerous possible causes such as:

  • Backed up sewer lines
  • Plugged drain pipes
  • Grease & sludge build-up
  • Dirt & mineral deposits
  • Tree roots disrupting pipes
  • Rust or other debris in water
  • Clogged storm drains
  • Catch basin maintenance
  • Sewage & drain plumbing issues

Our plumbers are trained and have the experience to handle any of these conditions with no problem. It’s experience that comes with years of drain repair jobs and dealing with plumbing systems.