Leak Detection by Atlanta Plumber Service

Before leak repairs can begin, leak detection has to be done first. Unfortunately, not all plumbing leaks are easily found. In fact, many aren’t visible at all. Plumbing leaks often occur inside walls, ceilings, appliances, attics, and often times under floors. In many cases, the only way a leak becomes apparent is when your water bill arrives, only to be two, three, or even ten times its normal amount. Leaks often show up as stains on sheetrock ceilings, wet spots in walls or on carpeting and floors, or in outside cases, mushy spots and water puddles in the yard. Locating these leaks and their sources can be hairy and frustrating work without the right training and latest equipment.

We offer complete plumbing leak detection and location services as part of our wide range of Atlanta Plumbing services. Using the most sophisticated equipment, we are able to pinpoint with incredible accuracy the source of the leak. Whether behind a wall or under a concrete slab, our leak detection equipment will quickly find the problem by using a high-frequency listening device to zero in on minute pressure differences within the pipes. The pressure differentials are often caused by tiny pinholes or splits in the piping, and would be otherwise undetectable by the human ear.

When no water is being used in the house by faucets, washing machines, etc., there should be no noise within the water pipes. Any hissing or other small noises are indicative of a leak, and by locating the source of the noise we are able to access the area and expose the leak. Accuracy of this equipment is surprisingly high, with most leaks being detected within 6 inches of their exact location. On some occasions, multiple leaks are present, and by the use of this equipment we are able to pinpoint several problem areas at once. This way, there are no surprises. Atlanta Plumbing Service has been performing accurate and efficient leak detection for over 31 years..

Prices for these services are fair and competitive, and will be applied towards the cost of the plumbing leak detection and repair, should you choose to have Atlanta Plumbing Service complete the work. In many cases, home insurance will cover the cost of the repairs performed. Individual insurance policies vary, however, so be sure to check first.

And as always, all of our repairs include a 12 month warranty (not applicable with polybutylene repairs).