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Our Plumbers are committed to providing the finest bathroom plumbing services available to the families and businesses in Atlanta.

Atlanta Plumber Service only hires the absolute top-notch plumbers in the area. We only hire licensed, experienced plumbers who have exemplary work records. All of our plumbers undergo an extensive drug, criminal, and driving record investigations. Just check our reviews to see what others are saying about our Atlanta Plumbers.

Our technicians are constantly trained on the latest and greatest plumbing technology.
From sewer line cameras, to the latest infrared and thermal leak detection equipment, you can bet if it’s out there, we have it, and we know how to use it. Our plumbers are also all family guys who take a great deal of pride in their profession and the quality of their work. You can see the difference when you use a plumber from Atlanta Plumber Service.

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Sewer Line Repair

Sewer line leaks can be quite distressing to any household or business. At Atlanta Plumber Service, one of our priorities is to get to you as fast as possible.

Broken/Leaking Water Pipe
Emergency Plumbing

Plumbing damage can incur thousands of dollars of damage to your home and personal property in a matter of minutes.

Water Line Repair

Water line repair begins with proper detection. It’s important to properly identify where the water line leak is and the amount of damage it has caused.

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Camera Line Inspections

While no one really likes to see the inside of their home’s sewer line, it is sometimes important for a plumber to completely understand the condition of these pipes.

Drain Repair

Atlanta Plumbing Service offers a wide variety services including drain repair and others. Our trained technicians will be glad to snake out your sewer line with a rotary cable machine

Leak Detection

Before leak repairs can begin, leak detection has to be done first. Unfortunately, not all plumbing leaks are easily found. In fact, many aren’t visible at all.