Service Page for Atlanta Plumber Service

At Atlanta Plumber Service, we’re here for all of your plumbing requests. We hire the best and equip them with the latest tools. Our plumbers will be able to reach you in very little time to deal with your plumbing problem.

Atlanta Plumber Service is here whether you need help with shower head replacement, faucet repair, toilet installation, or anything else. We serve the citizens of the great city of Atlanta with pride and offer our services at a competitive price.

Water lines become damaged over time as they start to suffer from corrosion and rust. This can lead to small likes. Our plumbers can perform the required water line repair jobs and even maintain your water lines. The better the maintenance, the less likely they’ll become damaged and need significant repairs.

Sewer line leaks can be quite distressing to any household or business. At Atlanta Plumber Service, one of our priorities is to get to you as fast as possible. The longer your sewer leaks, the greater the damage to your residence or business. We have around 80,000 sewer line repair jobs of experience under our belts.

Worried there might be a leak from one of your pipes? We have the latest equipment that can help us with leak detection. Once the leak is found, we’ll get to fixing it. Not only that, but we also work on detecting the cause of the leak. By uncovering damage to your pipes, we can help repair or replace them in time before they start deteriorating even further. Making sure the underlying issue is fixed will help prevent future leaks and keep your plumbing system intact.

We get calls for drain repair almost daily. Drain issues are common and usually easy to handle. Upon arriving, we’ll assess your drains and fix them. We often work on finding out what clogged them so this kind of problem doesn’t recur.

At Atlanta Plumber Service, your water heater needs will be met. We’re experts at water heater repair, water heater installation, and water heater replacement. We also have experience with tankless water heaters. If you just got a new water heater or think your current one isn’t working properly, let us know.

Not all homeowners are aware of this, but all homes have pressure regulators. You might never notice it, but it’s most likely in your basement. The goal of a pressure regulator is to keep the water pressure between 55 and 70 psi. Before it gets to your home, the water pressure is much higher. If it’s not lowered by a pressure regulator, it’ll damage your faucets, valves, and plumbing. If you hear abnormal sounds or notice that several faucets/valve are malfunctioning, your pressure regulator might need to be replaced.

Rest assured that the tap water you’re getting in Atlanta is safe for various uses including drinking. During purification, however, it can be mixed with chemicals that leave a slightly metallic taste. While it’s still safe, you might not be a fan and want your tap water to taste like bottled water. This can be achieved through a water filtration system. We can install and repair water filtration systems.

Camera line inspections are usually done for free by us. After fixing your pipes or sewer line, we’ll use a small camera to inspect your plumbing system. This helps us detect signs of damage that we wouldn’t have caught otherwise. By finding these problems, we can fix them before they get worse.

Atlanta Plumber Service is ready to manage your plumbing problems and needs. Whether you need something installed, fixed, or replaced, we have you covered. Get in touch with us to find out more about what we can offer.