We, the experts of Atlanta Plumber Service, include sewer line repair, sanitary sewer line cleaning, and sewer line maintenance among our many plumbing services. In addition, we can fortify your sewer line with PVC lining to save you from the hassle of leaks. Contact us for more sewer line information or to avail of our extensive plumbing services.

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Sewer Line Repair: Things to Know

When sewer lines block up or stoppages become frequent and expensive, it is time to take action and stop paying for frequent calls to clear the pipe. Repairing the damaged section of pipe, or possibly replacing the entire sewer line are your best choices at this point, as most plumbing companies (including Atlanta Plumber Service) can notwarranty regular drain cleaning. We can, however, warranty complete sewer line repair jobs and replacements.

“Spot” repairs, consist of digging up the section of damaged sewer or drain line (located precisely ahead of time with hi-tech specialized equipmen); this ensures no uneeded damage to your yard), cutting out the affected section, and replacing it with a new piece of pipe. We will also inspect the sewer line and drain line while performing this process to make sure no further issues exists down line. After the repair has been tested, we will cover the hole or trench and grade it back smooth.

Entire sewer line or drain line replacement is the recommended choice to make sure that no plumbing problems will occur again. During this process, we dig and extract the entire sewer line from the ground, removing any impediments from around the pipe and clear a path for the new sewer piping. We install the new sewer line in PVC, beginning at your home and running it all the way to the curb or city/county tap. During the process, we will install a backwater valve if necessary, as well as clean outs (access points) every 50 feet as required by Atlanta plumbing code. We will then lay the new sewer line in correctly.

“Bedding in” is the term given to seating the line properly in the trench, using hard earth, gravel or sand to form a solid base on which the new piping will rest. Many companies skip this step, and as a result are often called back several years later to repair bellies in the sewer line. Once complete, we will test the line properly before covering it up and grading the ground smooth to allow for proper grass growth and landscaping repair. We do not perform landscaping work, but will make it easy for whoever does following our excellent sewer line repair and replacement services.

Our sewer line replacements include a 5-year warranty on function and service. Make sure to call the #1 Atlanta Sewer Repair plumber for the last 25 years.